Saturday, August 29, 2009

Psychics and Law Enforcement united

According to some people, law enforcement agencies do not work with psychics AT ALL!
How can we even think it possible?

Well here is some more evidence of the effectiveness of the interaction between genuine psychics and great (retired) law enforcement personnel. This group was established by Detective Kelly and friends in Arizona USA and he and his group of volunteers have been called upon many times by... LAW ENFORCEMENT!
They have worked on hundreds of cases of which some very successful!

More information is available through the FINDME WEBSITE

Remote Viewing and locating missing persons

Here is an excellent example of how Remote Viewing (a trained psychic skill) can be used by law enforcement. That is...if law enforcement accept the fact that Psychics CAN at times be useful.

But like Joe says:'It is like a knife fight in a phone booth!'

I guess in some places it will never change!