Saturday, August 29, 2009

Psychics and Law Enforcement united

According to some people, law enforcement agencies do not work with psychics AT ALL!
How can we even think it possible?

Well here is some more evidence of the effectiveness of the interaction between genuine psychics and great (retired) law enforcement personnel. This group was established by Detective Kelly and friends in Arizona USA and he and his group of volunteers have been called upon many times by... LAW ENFORCEMENT!
They have worked on hundreds of cases of which some very successful!

More information is available through the FINDME WEBSITE

Remote Viewing and locating missing persons

Here is an excellent example of how Remote Viewing (a trained psychic skill) can be used by law enforcement. That is...if law enforcement accept the fact that Psychics CAN at times be useful.

But like Joe says:'It is like a knife fight in a phone booth!'

I guess in some places it will never change!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Police Detectives Trained as Remote Viewers

In previous blog pages I mentioned a video footage of Remote Viewer and trainer David Morehouse actually helping the Police and giving training to a group of police detectives.

Now I could not exactly recall the name of the particular TV show. It is called 'Strange but True' and it is actually Season 4 - Episode 3.

Full Recap
Part One: David Morehouse was a Major in the US army in 1988, but whilst on a training mission in the Jordanian Desert, he was hit by a stray bullet. Whilst he was there an angel came to him, saying he should try for a more peaceful job. From there he went to the army psychiatrist, saying he was suffering from vivid halluciantions. Instead of being invalided out of the army, however, he was placed in a top secret army camp and given notes on a previous venture called 'Project Grill Flame', he was trained up to become a remote viewer. There he was used to see if a captured solider, Gary Higgins, was still alive by psychically linking himself to his cell.

Part Two: With the Gulf War in 1990, the remote viewers were used to try and psychically effect Saddam Hussein by a process known as 'Remote Influencing'. Because he did not agree with such uses, he revealed all about the processes to the media and left the Army.

He was subsequently asked by the Cartaret police, Cartaret being a small suburb in New Jersey, to look for a missing person by remote viewing. He was successful in this and it led to him training up the police force in remote viewing techniques.

David Morehouse has also written 'REMOTE VIEWING: The complete user's manual for controlled remote viewing'

This is the best and most comprehensive book I have read about Remote Viewing so far! It explains the process and the structure of RV and the findings of the reseach so far.

It also explains why it would be very unlikely that the US military (and other Military Units in general) have given up using (and further developing) this valuable tool.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Terrorism, National Security & Psychic Investigations

I was reading an article by Victor Zammit [A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife] and he states:

What's to be done?

Law enforcement agencies ought to obtain the services of highly gifted psychics - not the run of the mill commercial ones, but those who can pass empirical tests for repeatable accuracy. There may be at least four or five in each country who ought to be regarded as absolute 'pure gold.' These would be hard to find as the truly gifted ones keep a very low, non-commercial, very private profile.

And this is exactly what is happening...all reputable Law Enforcement Agencies are looking into alternative ways of stopping terrorism.

Terrorism is likely to be with us for a long time. While there are human beings willing to blow themselves up in shopping centers, while terrorists plan mass killings and to blow sky high modern tourist hotels, pilot jumbo jets into sky-scapers, it becomes critically urgent to find ways to effectively combat terrorism - whether it be in the Middle East, in ASIA, in the U.S, UK, Europe or in Ireland. Innovative methods, especially in uncharted areas such as afterlife participation in terrorism have to be pursued. The consequences of restricted or incompetent crime detection are enormous. Access to gifted psychics and remote viewers to pursue terrorists is and will be critical.

Mmmm...not officially ofcourse but gifted psychics and trained remote viewers were in the past (and are still) evaluated, selected and used as an intellicence tool in counter terrorism stategies.

Read Victor Zammit's entire article here:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Law Enforcement and Psychics

It is about time the truth has been told! Only to set the record straight...

Police and other reputable Law Enforcement Agencies do use Psychics in their attempt to solve to most difficult cases. At times the psychics do provide very usefull information, which in turn allows the detectives to find evidence.

And we have to be very realistic here...detectives will usually only ask for assistance from other experts or psychics if:

1. their investigation runs dry
2. they believe the expert or psychic may have information can lead to a break through.

We now expect the Psychic to solve the case...but that is not realistic! The psychic may contribute as a witness (whoms' value in a court of law is even less than a hear-say witness)but the information given can provide new leads to investigate!

Why don't we hear about it in the news?
Simply because all Police Agencies have a 'formal policy' that they do not employ psychics, yet the do listen to any information that might be relevant to a case, provided by anyone...even anonimous. Why? Because any good detective or investigator knows that you cannot exclude any possible valuable information!

Get Real!
Psychics are human beings, in fact every person is a bit psychic...some more than others...but hey! If an entire team of trained detectives are unable to find any leads...what are the chances an ordinary person can? And times...they do!

Now combine, detectives, trackers and psychics...and you have?
A great team! Which helps Law Enforcement.

Is that real?
Oh yes it is! A group of psychics and detectives together with tracker dog trainers volunteer to find missing persons and provide leads in homocide cases.

No this is not in Western Australia...This group is based in the US!

So do not let anyone tell you that law enforcement do not use psychic information!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Inconvenient Truth

Police won't rule out using psychics in murder inquiries

Article from: PerthNow

Nicole Cox, police reporter

July 04, 2009 06:00pm

WA Police chiefs have refused to issue a blanket ban on officers listening to psychics and using their information.

This is despite the police force's communications director describing mediums as ``hocus-pocus'' and stating ``no reputable policing agencies use psychics''.

Well...he may not realise it yet...but he has just insulted most of the worlds intelligence community, as the CIA, DIA, DOD, MI5, MI6, FBI and many others HAVE USED PSYCHICS in the past. The CIA has reseased 89.000 pages of information on the Star Gate program. The research and development of Remote Viewing (Controlled Psychic Functioning for Intelligence gathering) was a classified program for over 25 years! Only after some of the Remote Viewers went public the program was canceled and declassified under the pretext that it was not really useful as an intelligence tool. Mmmm...and they needed 25 years of research to establish that fact? Now isn't that interesting!

An exclusive report in the The Sunday Times last week revealed that detectives working on the Corryn Rayney murder investigation had approached psychic and author Debbie Malone for help in their hunt for the killer.

They contacted her in September 2008 when she was in Perth for a psychic roadshow.

Malone, one of Australia's most prominent psychics and spirit mediums, claimed to have made unexpected contact with Mrs Rayney a year after her murder. She has detailed the events in a book Never Alone: A Medium's Journey.

The Sunday Times' revelations were initially attacked by police communications chief Neil Stanbury.

In an email sent to The Sunday Times on Monday and circulated in the police force and media, he described the story as ``patently untrue'' and accused the newspaper of misleading its readers.

``Psychics have no credibility or scientific basis upon which to make their claims,'' Mr Stanbury said .

Again...there has not only been over 25 years of research and development documented and publicized by Russell Targ, Hall Puthoff, Ingo Swann, JoeMcMonEagle, Lyn Buchanan, Paul Smith, David Morehouse and many others!

``No reputable policing agencies use psychics or employ psychics, clairvoyants or other varieties of such people. Their claims of assisting police in solving major crimes are never substantiated.

Hahaha, I actually have a video of David Morehouse (US Military trained Remote Viewer) not only helping the Police in the US with a murder case using the controlled psychic technique called Remote Viewing, but also TEACH AN ENTIRE TEAM OF POLICE DETECTIVES HOW TO DO IT!

What psychics actually do is cause further misery to families and other victims of crime.''

That is ONLY once stated by a person who had a really bad experience and it is now blown out of proportions and every person who has no knowledge of psychic functioning starts to quote that expression of frustration!

But on Wednesday, police were forced to apologise when their own investigations revealed The Sunday Times report was completely accurate.

Well that is what they are there for...isn't it? To investigate...and get the facts straight! Not only that...It also shows that Debbie was telling the truth! It also shows that Police DO at times use psychics as a source of information, although their official policy is they do NOT.

Police admitted an officer involved in the Rayney investigation had approached Malone and they had been unaware of this until reading the newspaper.

Police also conceded they breached evidence handling protocols when Mrs Rayney's diary was handed to Malone for a spiritual channelling exercise.

Insp Paul Greenshaw, officer-in-charge of the Major Crime Squad, told The Sunday Times he was concerned Malone had been given hands-on access to Mrs Rayney's diary and conceded the two officers had not followed ``accepted practice'' in the handling of exhibits.

Insp Greenshaw said he had this week addressed his 44 officers to reiterate that contacting psychics, clairvoyants and other spiritual mediums was not an accepted practice for homicide investigations.

Well...I do not expect the WA Police to be as progressive as the international intelligence community, it would give some complications in a court of law, so for the sake of Public Relations and to avoid Legal Complications, let's just stick to the full denyablility of the use of psychics.

The detectives get all the credit and 'promoted' because psychics...DO NOT WORK FOR THE POLICE, nor do they provide any useful information. They simply do not exist and if they should...they are for entertainment purposes only!

That is what the public should believe! Psychics are nothing but an entertaining show!

He stopped short of saying the incident had embarrassed the WA Police force, instead describing the situation as ``unfortunate''.

Yes, well not as 'unfortunate' as the people who risk being ridiculed in public, while merely trying to assist! And not as 'unfortunate' as all those people that still need to be found on which the only new lead...may well come from a psychic or a Remote Viewer!

He said he had not been informed of the contact between his officers and Malone until he read the paper.

Isn't that what supervising police detectives should do? INVESTIGATE and be informed before uttering any accusations? But atleast he is as fair to admit to it and justice is done!

``(The contact) was recorded as per the practice, but I didn't know about it as the supervisor,'' Insp Greenshaw said.

``(Debbie Malone) wasn't permitted to open or read (the diary), but I believe she wanted to hold it ... It was in a plastic bag.

``It's not recognised as a good investigative practice to employ psychics,'' he said. ``But we won't turn anybody's information away. We accept information from anybody and we assess it against what the known facts are.''

The detective senior constable is no longer with the squad. He had been promoted, police said.

Promoted...after a slap on the wrist...Sure! Well atleast someone within the Police force has the nerves to explore other possibilities! I wonder has he been promoted to a place where the do not have to deal with the legal issues and everyone has to keep quiet?

Insp Greenshaw said he contacted the officer on Monday to give him ``guidance'' about the issue, but he was not formally disciplined.

``This is one individual that took it upon himself to do it and that's exactly what he did. He saw the program, saw the roadshow and decided to ring her,'' he said.

In her book, Malone said two detectives gave her Mrs Rayney's diary as an ``energy source'' and accompanied her to a track in Kings Park where the 44-year-old's body was recovered from a bush grave.

Insp Greenshaw said police would not apologise to Malone for their initial denials or request that the information be pulled from her book.

No, ofcourse they can not say; "I am terribly sorry Mrs. Malone, I was wrong and jumped to the conclusion based on our policy that the publication and your claim was false"...that would be so embarrasing!

It would be even more embarrasing if they found that the information provided by Debbie Malone was indeed correct and let's please not even ask about that!I guess we will never find out the truth even if it were it might be an INCONVENIENT TRUTH

For legal reasons, comments cannot be published on this matter.

It is a Democratic and free country isn't it? What ever happened to freedom of speech? Having a public dialog...and a constructive conversation?

Because I CAN envision...Australian police detectives working with trained psychics and detectives being trained in the development of their own psychic abilities...their gut feeling...their intuition...their nouse... It can not only assist in investigations...It CAN save lives at times!


So I will go back into hiding and help other police forces around the world with...psychic information on the cases they are working on. Mostly anonimous ofcourse, because if you do provide extremely detailed information you could not have possibly might get arrested and you do have a problem in some countries if you can not explain by any 'normal' (According to their culture's norm) means how you obtained that information!

As for the WA Police...well if they only had the time and the manpower to investigate the possible denyable use of psychics in police forces around the world, they would likely come to the conclusion that it could save them a lot of time and heaps of money in some cases and they would simply hire a private ....consultant.

Yet I can't help but smile...knowingly... ;-)

Monday, June 29, 2009

We won't listen to psychics: Rayney sister :

It never ceases to amaze me how ungrateful and unthoughtful people can respond to the help of the public. After reading this article in the Western Australian I get even more depressed.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009 | 02:08 PM
We won't listen to psychics: Rayney sister
30th June 2009, 7:15 WST

The sister of murdered woman Corryn Rayney has criticised a psychic who claims to have information on her death, saying she was trying to profit from the family’s grief.

>>>That is quite an accusation! You might aswell accuse the journalists writing about it in the news, they get paid for it, and the police they get paid by the tax-payers! Oh...and do not forget the television crews and radio stations who let the public know that the police need information and ask the public for their assistance! <<<

Sharon Coutinho said yesterday her family had not been contacted by psychic Debbie Malone and had no interest in speaking to her about her alleged insight into the murder of Mrs Rayney.

>>>Of course she has not been contacted, Debbie specifically states in her book that she does not contact the family members, she is merely trying to assist as any good citizen would /should do!<<<

Malone has claimed to have been in contact with Mrs Rayney since her death and that she had assisted police investigating the case. WA Police have not denied her claims.

>>>Police will not confirm or deny anything and from their point of is the wise thing to do.<<<

Mrs Coutinho said her family had been contacted by several psychics since Mrs Rayney’s death but had declined their offers of help.

>>>And ofcourse that is their good right!<<<

She said she had read the extract from Malone’s new book which addressed the Rayney case but it had offered no new information.

>>>Ofcourse it offers no new information! As Debbie said...the police are still investigating and therefore she will not put any new information in her book. Again a wise thing to do as any new information has to be investigated first before it can be made public!<<<

Mrs Coutinho was upset that Malone had used her sister’s murder as a means of publicising her book.

>>>Although I am sorry for the families loss. I do not share that opinion! In fact I find it repelling that a person can say such a thing while all other media (that is sold too) has been asking the publics help in solving this case!

“Everything she has said has been public knowledge for the last two years,” Mrs Coutinho said.

>>>No responsible, clear thinking person would publish new details without letting the police do their job first!<<<

“We are not bothering with psychics. Unless someone comes up with something that hasn’t been made public, it’s really not worth listening to.”

>>>The 'good' psychics do not approach families of victims they approach the police (if they have enough courage to tell the police what they know!)The family should indeed not be bothered with it is a police job to determine fact from fiction.<<<

The father of Claremont serial killer victim Sarah Spiers also warned victims’ families not to listen to psychics, saying yesterday they fed off misery and drove him to a mental breakdown in 1996.

>>>It is truly sad to hear that!I know of a couple in the US who asked for the public's help in search of their missing daughter and they are very appreciative of every help they can get. Their daughter has not been found in five years and yet they are grateful for all the public support from the police, volunteers who go on searches, the psychics who work together with private investigators and the volunteers who do anything to get the publics attention to look out for her and provide information.They understand that ANY PUBLICITY could trigger SOMEONE to remember SOMETHING that might lead to their daughter!<<<

Don Spiers said up to 400 psychics and clairvoyants had contacted him since Sarah disappeared on January 27, 1996. They had offered false information but he had been so desperate to find his daughter that he had listened to them and often had followed their instructions.
The false hope they created had led him to have a breakdown late in 1996, when he had found himself sitting in an armchair at his home ripping chunks of hair from his scalp.

>>>I can only imagine his pain, but I do not think he can imagine the pain and frustration of those who seriously try to help and feel just as helpless. That includes all people who never showed their faces and never asked for anything....As for false hope; the police have not come up with anything either and they have tried their best too! I can understand that he'd need a scape-goat to direct all his anger and frustration at after all these years and that can't be the police, it can't be the person who was actually responsible for his daughter going it is directed at the persons who promised something they could not deliver...who have now become psychics in general. <<<

Mr Spiers said psychics like Malone had never proved to be effective and just deepened the anguish experienced by the families of victims.

>>>From my humble experience I know that is not true! As I am one of those 'Psychics like Malone' who have been effective in some cases! It doesn't mean I know everything...but I have occasionaly been able to provide useful leads! (OK and NOW accuse me that I am promoting myself!Only because I tell my story! Oh...sure I am now making a 'profit' of other people's misfortune, because their misfortune has become part of my nightmares and the victims pain has become part of my daily life...but hey...I just have to 'live with that'!)<<<

“They are like a cancer doctor who tells a cancer victim they can cure them, when they know they really can’t, just to get the victim’s money,” he said.

>>>As far as I know Debbie Malone has NEVER asked for money in Police cases!So comparing her and others to all those 'fake seers' who did; is absolutely unfair, inconsiderate and damaging! And I believe a public apology is in order here!! <<<

Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan said yesterday police had a policy of not seeking the help of psychics in their investigations.
“But that’s not to say that we don’t listen to people who phone up with information,” he said.

>>>Most police forces around the world have that policy. It is to provide a guard against the 'fruitcakes and fake seers' who are definately out there! Police look at facts...that is their job! And the psychic is nothing but a possible witness of a crime!It is as good as 'hear-say' but it can provide leads to facts that otherwise would not have been investigated!<<<

He refused to comment on Malone’s claims.
Malone was not available for comment yesterday.

>>>I can imagine why! It is very painful and demoralizing to hear that family of the deceased are not the least grateful that a member of the public is trying to help. Or that the case has been brought to the publics attention again, so what happened will not be forgotten and that there might be a chance on justice!<<<

Mrs Rayney disappeared on August 7 after leaving a bootscooting class in Bentley at 9pm. Her body was found nine days later after police followed a trail of mechanical fluid from her abandoned car in Subiaco to a bush grave in Kings Park.

>>>And again...anyone who knows something...should contact the Police!The Police are trained to 'filter' any crap that has been derived from reading news reports from possibly good information that needs to be investigated! <<<


>>>Thank you! Ronan O' are doing a great job! Thank you for letting the public know ....and I do not mind you getting paid for the job you do! It is MUCH APPRECIATED!

I know from experience that it takes a lot of courage from Psychics/Mediums/Clairvoyants to step up to the police and say: "I may have some information on a case you are working on.!"

I praise Debbie for her courage to tell her story...that is not just about Corrynn Rayney, but about Debbie's life story and all other cases in which she provided information!

Being a Psychic Medium is not do not really have a choice. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't. If you decide NOT to tell will feel guilty for the rest of your life...

and if you DO decide to tell the police and let the public know that this is a possible way of gathering information on crimes in general you are being painted as 'trying to profit from the family’s grief'. While merely letting the public know part of your life. So a Psychic Medium is not supposed to tell the public of her perceived information on someone else.

But catagorically being publically accused of making a profit from other peoples misfortune because you are a psychic/medium is pure discrimination.

Also by making a public statement like that as a family member, you can now expect no more help from people who seriously have received any futher 'psychic' information. Like Debbie said: It might prove to be a complicated case...

My personal impression in general? Some people simply fear psychics as they might help reveal an inconvenient truth, therefore it would be an excellent plan to ridicule them in public so no one will listen to them.

(I'm lucky...the very few friends I have...have nothing to hide! Hehehe!)

Those who are really interested in solving crimes, will definately listen to any possible useful lead and INVESTIGATE. They will not dismiss any information before hand on the way it has been perceived as any detective will know that no witness statement is a 100% correct; as it is always based on the person's perception.