Monday, December 29, 2008

Remote Viewing & Cognitive Science

For those who are not familiar with Remote Viewing and the research of cognitive science. This video explains some of it very clearly.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Year's resolution

Well here is my New Year's Resolution...

Looking back on last year it started out positive with new ideas and plans coming to fruition. Unfortunately the last three months have been not very constructive and my world was shocked by several events that I did not see coming. (LOL : and I am supposed to be psychic!)

My main focus for next year will be on development, creativity, challenges, innovations and all other things that are constructive and inspiring.

I will be attending classes in Security, Investigations, Occupational Health and Safety, Law and Forensics in January and February 2009. Next to those classes I will look into Neuroscience and Quantum Physics not on a professional level but merely as a general interest.

I hope to be able to add at least 4 official certificates to my list within the first three months of next year and two licenses.

Next to those developments I will be enhancing my creative skills in dimensional design, sketching, photography and writing.

At the end of January or the beginning of February I will start working for my new employer. Which is another new challenge in the New Year.

I will shift my focus from the many negative aspects I have encountered in the last three months to the positive ones that will come on my path very soon.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas in Blue

merry christmas

Have a magical Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Professional or Wannabe

How do you know whether a person is a good Remote Viewer or a good Psychic? Results of course! How well they have scored on average and how many times they have actually provided good information. Ok, that seems pretty clear, but what do they actually do with this information?

Let’s say a usually pretty accurate psychic has been asked to look into a criminal case. The psychic describes the possible perpetrator and is able to make a composite sketch. The psychic even picks up on a possible name.
What does that Psychic do?

1. Runs to the media with all this information and tell them that this person is the perpetrator? In order to prove to the public that they can actually help in criminal cases. OR
2. Go to the police with that information and give them the results of their psychic session and quietly leave, letting the police do their job. Not getting any recognition in the media but letting the police do their job and getting the person responsible arrested.

I can tell you for sure that option number 1 will definitely NOT be appreciated by the police. Since it is not helpful during an investigation to point out any possible suspects! The psychic forgets that what they have perceived is an indication (a strong indication at times) but not a fact until there is proof in the form of evidence. The psychic forgets that the suspect may just run if they have been pointed out in public, which is not helpful to the police at all! Or the public accusation can cause a rage or riot against this person, who may or may not be guilty! The psychic may create a couple of minutes of fame but they will never be asked to work on any police cases, their name will be blacklisted. And that is even worse if the psychic turns out to be wrong! They will create a bad name for the entire community by not thinking about the consequences of their actions. In worse case they could be arrested for obstruction of justice or sued for slander!

Option number 2 may not seem the most spectacular one and it may not create credentials instantly, but in the long run the people you work with will appreciate this approach much more than the wild accusations and media attention in option number 1. After all is said and done and the case is closed and there is no way your information can cause any harm by publishing, you can ask if it is ok to let the public know. Only the police can tell you whether it can’t interfere with the course of justice anymore. And yes, you do need to have patience!

That is the difference between a ‘professional’ approach and the ‘wild media circus’ approach.

We would all like acknowledgement for our contributions in certain cases and we would all like people saying well done...thanks for the help! But the most important thing is that you actually contributed to making this world a little bit safer and let other people do their job!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Colorful Session

colorful balloons

Here is a pretty colorful Psi Session I have done on the TKR website.

For those who have no idea how that a quick explanation:

You press a button GO VIEW and a random task will be selected.
All the viewer gets to see is an Alpha-Numeric code as a task number.
When start to type up your impressions about the target photograph that is connected with this number.
When you are finished you can click for feedback.

All the data you have given is registered in a database, you cannot change it after seeing the feedback!

This is a Double Blind protocol! Meaning nobody around me knows what the target photograph is and I do not know either. I can only see it when I have indicated I have finished and nothing to add to the data.

This excludes any cheating by the viewers.

Being Realistic

Not everybody appreciates me being realistic about Psi and Remote Viewing skills!

Some claim that they can pinpoint a person’s location within a radius of a hundred meters and they actually genuinely believe they can.

Well I would like to see the evidence of that session! If you ask the person who makes the claim where the evidence of this remarkable achievement is getting awfully quiet.

If you ask HOW they achieved this supposed pinpointing of a location, it will be made clear that the technique used is propriety and that it will not be taught to anyone but a select group of people!

Although it is a good marketing technique, it is a shame people need to sell their product that way!

Since No Results or sessions have ever been displayed by these people...Not even just the good ones! I do not hold much credence in the claims of these people.

Personally I have only been able to precognitive locate events on a map three times successfully. This had nothing to do with locating objects or persons though. But I know it is possible to pretty accurately locate events on a map or even spontaneously perceive precognitive information through a map.

But making unsubstantiated claims of being able to locate an object or person within a radius of a hundred meters seems harmful to the reputation of the person and Remote Viewing / Psi in general.

How can people make those claims, without giving at least one successful example? It beats me!

I prefer the more realistic approach!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Locating things with Psi or Remote Viewing

Many people believe that Psi or Remote Viewing is THE TOOL when it comes to locating things or other people. I am sorry to disillusion you but Psi and/or Remote Viewing are not a standalone tool to actually locate people and objects.

A Psi or RV session on itself means nothing at all! You need to be willing to do some ‘leg-work’ and/or have other experts in the field who help you find the location.

For example: You have been asked to locate a missing person.
  • First you have to establish if this person is alive or not. If the person is alive they may be hard to track since the person is likely to move around. Their current location could be a supermarket, their home, in a car. Now all these different impressions at different times give a pretty good indication that the person is alive. If the same image of a location or very similar environment keep appearing in the data, it is likely the person is deceased. It is never a foregone conclusion, since there is no proof. It is an indication!
  • Let’s say that the sessions indicate that the person is deceased or not moving. And in your session you get the impression of a forest area, winding roads a certain rock formation in what appears to you like a national park, with a dirt path and this person is behind the rock formation.
  • Now try and determine on a map where there is an area with these features. Even if you would be absolutely spot on correct about the entire location, trying to determine the exact location is a completely different story. There may be hundreds of rock formations, dozens of dirt paths and national parks or forests are everywhere.
  • But if you have good sketches and lots of details it may be very useful for search teams or trackers who know the area where the person disappeared. If they recognize the particular rock formation near a dirt path it would be worth while taking a look there.
  • For someone who knows that particular area as his own back pocket, it could be a recognizable feature. While to me, personally, I would not know where to start. It could be anywhere! And the information appears to be useless.
  • You do not know for sure if the info is 100% correct and what is recognizable to one person may mean nothing to another.

Now let’s say in the case of my ex-husband who did not come home in time from work one evening and did not call. If I feared he wasn’t ok, I would have started searching for him between his workplace and home and since my vision presented a Shell logo, I would have checked all Shell petrol stations on his way from work to home. Since there were only 2 Shell petrol stations (one specifically on the route), I would have been able to find him within 20 minutes!

The only way I could have found him within 20 minutes, is because I know the area and I have additional information (the fact that he left from work and the locations of the Shell Stations).
You can only determine the information was actually correct if the case is solved. (Like my ex-husband who confirmed he went to get some fuel at the shell Station.)The solved cases contribute to the estimation of your own accuracy. It is not even important who actually solved the case or how it was solved. It is important to learn that the data you perceived was correct or not! That gives you (and others) a pretty good indication of the chances of the unknown quantity to be correct or not.

An indication could be a lead to evidence and proof. Without any indication, we would not know where to start in most cases.

Fact remains: “You don’t know the full story....’til you know the full story!”
“You can’t jump to conclusions.” And “What appears to be worthless and unrecognizable to you may be valuable information to others.”

Joe McMonEagle has pointed out in one of his books that it is very important to keep a log or journal of all you Psi related events and experiences. It is a valuable tip! And although it is hard to keep track of all those thing next to your daily business, it is the most important thing.
There is only one thing that serves you better than memory and that is your journal!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Questions and Answers about my Psi abilities

  • Can you always use your Psi abilities on command?
    Well the simple answer is NO! It all depends on my state of mind (alpha state or not). It depends on my thinking...I should not really be pre-occupied with any distracting thoughts, worries or fears of my own. It will not work on a day I have a dentist appointment, since at that time I am too pre-occupied with my own stress, nerves and fears. And it will not work on days when I have to concentrate on complicated jobs that require my full attention. And there needs to be some kind of link in the form of a strong thought that is then released.
  • Do you look in on anyone?
    No, sorry, I have never been a person for ‘soap-operas’. I only use it if I feel someone could be in trouble or is in need of help and all other means of contact fail.
  • Do you unintentionally pick up on people?
    Yes, I do at times. Especially when emotions are high I seem to be sensitive to that.
  • Do you tell others what you perceive about other people?
    I will give examples, but I will not use any names unless I have permission to do so. Since I would not like others to talk about me either and everyone has a right to privacy I do not give any names or specifics.

    The only exception to my rule is if I have a serious reason to believe someone has committed a crime, but even then I would like to be able to give some supporting evidence to the police before starting to accuse someone on the bases of a vision or a dream.

    Like any other good citizen I would report it to the police if I think it is important. But like I said, I would only report to the police and I will not tell other people names or detailed facts, since that could jeopardize or obstruct the Police investigation.
  • Do you give psychic readings for other people?
    No, I do not generally give readings for other people. I do not want to be pressured or having to live up to any of the other people’s expectations. Paid or non paid readings always have people expecting something from you at that time and place.
    For me that is not realistic and not how it works. I do not want to feel obligated to give them at least something...since they expect it or have paid for it.

    Like I said the stress of feeling obligated to ‘deliver’ is a No Go for me! On the rare occasion that I do give a reading I ask the people only not to have any expectations and to accept that I am a human being and not some kind of magic box or a TV that can switch on or off.
  • Do you do a lot of the Military Remote Viewing style?
    Actually no... I have learned structure and practiced the protocols. I see them as a very valuable tool for research and development of Psi-abilities in a laboratory environment.

    They are also very useful when working with a team and comparing the teams data, since they all use the same structure and protocol. But to me personally the structure is very limiting. The speed in which the information is processed in my mind does not allow me to take the time and write down everything in a certain order and structure. I do not want to think about... the category tangibles or intangibles, is this AI or EI. It takes too long and throws me off the target. I think I am better off using a MP3 or tape recorder to describe what I perceive.
  • Is there anything you don’t like about the Military Style Remote Viewing?
    Well, the fact that you are not allowed to describe with any other words than the general descriptor list and everything else has to be declared AOL (Analytical Overlay), still bugs me.

    The general descriptions can apply to so many things that if you name enough general colours, textures, smells and temperatures. You are bound to get some right. Something brown, flat, horizontal, smooth, wooden; could be the table I am working on right now or the jetty in the harbour or the floor at my friend’s place, perhaps the cutting board of the chef who works in the kitchen of a nearby restaurant or the desk in the lawyer’s office. The general descriptors are there to prevent you from jumping to conclusions, but they also limit you from giving more precise details.

    For people who have already developed their natural Psychic talents and want to use it in a practical sense, the Remote Viewing protocols take up too much time and limit your free expression of perceived data.

    For people who want to test and develop their own innate Psychic abilities...learn the Remote Viewing structure and protocols! It will not only prove you can do it, you will also let you discover your own strengths and weaknesses within this field and it will give you a fair indication of how good you actually are at using your Psi abilities.

Quantum Non-Local Awareness

About 20 years ago...I was 15 at the time I experienced what Remote Viewers call Bi-Location and what Quantum Physicists call Quantum Non-Locality.
It all started out in the kitchen of my parents place. I was not doing anything interesting, just putting the dishes in the dishwasher when I suddenly got this image in my head of a school teacher of mine standing at the side of a desolate road near a ditch and he was kicking his car! It felt like I was watching him from above and I could see fields, a farm and a mill in the distance.
The image felt and seemed so real, it was like I was there, while I knew I was doing the dishes at home! I dismissed it as daydreaming, but my curiosity tempted me to ask him the next time we would meet.

The next day at school I asked what was wrong with his car the evening before and why he kicked it. He was absolutely stunned! “There was no one could not have seen that!” he cried out. And so I explained to him what happened that evening at the time I was filling the dishwasher.

I was actually at two places at the same time! Functioning on a simple level in one dimension, while observing what was going on simultaneously in another dimension approximately 80km from where I physically was at that time! I could perceive everything except sound.
While describing the scenery to the teacher he became more and more intrigued, as I could not only tell him what he was doing at that time but also where he was and what the environment looked like. And I was surprised that he confirmed all of it, as to be exactly what happened.
I thought it was a one off event, just some kind of strange coincidence. I had absolutely no explanation for what had happened! But it made quite an impression on me and the teacher, who had also studied Psychology and suggested I’d read Jung’s work.

Jung was talking about a collective unconscious. To me it sounded like a weird theory, but it seemed to be the only logical explanation for what had happened.

Years later I had a discussion with a colleague at work about this. On the radio news it was announced that funding was given to ESP research. And she replied:”What a waste of money! There is no such thing!” I carefully replied:”Yes, there is! And it is important that they look into this.” She laughed and said:” You don’t believe in this Hocus-Pocus do you?” Then I confessed that I have actually experienced it firsthand!

She challenged me and I accepted, although I had no idea whether I could do this ‘on command’ or not. I focused on her for the first couple of days of the week and then I actually forgot about it. Yet that Friday evening, I got this vision in my head. She was screaming and yelling at a lady sitting on a sofa. I could not hear what it was about because there was no sound. I could see the entire room! My colleague, left the room and slammed the door behind her, went through a hall way and turned right to go up stairs. There she went into a room with a white door on the right. There I lost the image.

That Monday I told her what had happened that Friday night and I described her mother, the living room in her house, the interior design and the location of her room upstairs. Unfortunately my colleague freaked out! She tried to avoid me and I felt she suddenly feared me. She asked:”What else do you know?” I said:”Nothing! I only know you have had an argument with your mother Friday night! That’s it! I do not even know what it was about and I don’t want to.” “You asked me if I could use ESP and to prove it is real!” “YOU wanted THIS!” I replied. “Now that I gave you your proof, you think I’m a spy or a freak!” We never discussed the subject again. But I learned my lesson.

It occurred to me that some factors are important to trigger this ‘Bi-location’ (for me personally). Although it doesn’t feel like telepathy (I am not perceiving anything through their eyes) it seems I have to establish some kind of link or relationship with the person (who functions as a beacon). The ‘signal or signature’ of this particular person only stands out when there is a true and serious emotional peak, like anger, frustration, fear or panic. And at the time the emotional peak takes place I have to be doing something that does not require a lot of my attention, like driving on a long road, doing the dishes, cleaning or other repetitive simple work. These are activities that, I now know take you more easily into the meditative Alpha State. It also seems important to think about that person for a while and then let it go... (Meaning: Not thinking about the person at all and just doing other things.)

One day my ex-husband was not home from work at the time he should be. He did not call and I could not reach him on his mobile. After an hour or so I got worried and I decided if all technology failed, I might try a different type of contact.

I pictured him in my mind and asked the questions:”Where are you? What are you doing?” Then I went to do the dishes, because I already had dinner by myself. Shortly after that I got a picture of him walking on the side of the road with something in his hand and I saw a bright lit Shell logo that he was walking towards in the dark.

An hour later he arrived home. And before he could apologize, I told him what I had perceived. He was indeed without fuel and he did walk along the road to get some fuel at a Shell Station. He was frustrated at the time. Again I perceived everything from a bird’s eye point of view.

Does it always have to be a personal link or contact? Or can it be contact with a person though other forms of communication?

I had a very good internet contact with a person on the other side of the world. We talked about the possibilities of ESP and what we could do. I told him I could see in distant locations at times and pick up on things that are there around the person. He asked me to tell him what I could pick up on his location. I asked him twice that he would not freak out and he assured me he would not.

I described the area where he was, his house and even the medication he was taking at that time and that it was stored in a medicine cabinet. I could even read part of the prescription on the bottle. This got him really enthusiastic, since he could only confirm I was correct. I even described some old medication that he did not use anymore, but was still in the cabinet. I had never met him in person or been to his country before and we had never talked on the phone at that stage. Later we did have some phone conversations and I went to visit him. Again this was a form of Bi-Location, although not as strong as with heavy emotional peak and a more personal connection.

It clearly shows to me that there is some kind of connection on another level. Perhaps it is the quantum level? It is definitely something we cannot perceive with the naked eye or measure proprely yet. (I believe we soon will be able to measure the effects.) There is definitely some kind of signal in the ‘air’ that I am able to pick up on that activates some kind of chemicals in my brain or body that allow me to perceive things beyond the normal five senses that are at a distant location and on verification turn out to be perceived correct.

Perhaps the ‘carrier wave of Psi’ scientists are looking for is the supposed Quantum wave-particle duality.

This would suggest that any kind of Remote Viewing IS a form of Remote Influencing...Since a Remote Viewer is observing in two places at the same time. If you are able to divide your attention in two places at the same time and observe (Bi-location) you are making the wave function collapse in two different places simultaneously through a form of entanglement on a different level.

On several occasion the indications of something actually happening at the Remote Viewed location has been registered. Ingo Swan perturbed the highly sensitive Magnetometer in a vault under the floor, simply by Remote Viewing it. The Chinese have reported that photon particles instantly appear near the object that is Remote Viewed and random event generators seem to be influenced when someone is Remote Viewing and on target.

Literally meaning: making Psi contact can be measured.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Missing Persons

The last couple of weeks I have been very down and depressed. I had been reading some news articles about Psychics looking for missing persons and bothering the families with ‘false hope’.
I really thought: “ I give up!”

Together with my partner, I have spent every bit of free time I have on looking into missing person cases. Going out there on our own expenses, to verify what I/we have perceived is correct and if we can find more clues. We spend hours driving around in areas that we have never seen before, hoping to pick up on a trace. We have been walking miles along roads and desolate places, looking for clues. We never ask for anything...and we never bother anyone until we actually have found some evidence.

But what do I read on-line and in the papers? Psychics are only out there to make a buck on other people’s misery and misfortune! And if they are not... they will do it for their own fame and fortune!

Guess who wrote the criticism... The editor/proprietor of the Post Newspaper group...It really struck me with the feeling: “Look who’s talking!” Making money over other peoples misery and misfortune...”How do you think the Post Newspaper Group got so big?”

Claiming that every Psychic is a fake because they have not found Sarah Spiers? Well, guess what...I’m Psychic and I haven’t got a clue where she is...neither have the police. Should we now, as good sceptics, conclude the Police do not have any real Detectives? Get serious!

It really hit me right in the heart! But hey...everyone is entitled to an opinion...even if it’s a biased one. It just really made me feel absolutely miserable.

Fortunately there are many other people, family and friends who are really appreciative of all the help they get from complete strangers who start helping by looking out for their loved ones in any way they can.

I will not be wasting my time, effort and money on finding people whom families obviously do not appreciate any help at all.

In all the cases I have worked on...some successful and some not...people thanked me for the effort and the help. Whether it were police detectives, investigators, the persons family or other people involved they always were very appreciative and surprised that there are people in this world who really only want to help other people.

I recently got an email from a US based investigator / Remote Viewer who thanked me about four times in one email for my work, effort and input in the case he is working on. He also stated that it helps and comforts the family to know that people from all around the world try to help and find their loved one! Also that he and his team are now even more inspired to get this case solved for the family. That means a lot to me!

Today I went on a search for a missing child, because I have an idea of where she might be. I drove approx. 200km and I accidentally wrecked my partner’s car mirror. Fortunately no one got hurt and the other car was not damaged. But my effort to find this girl today has cost me more than 200km of fuel and 4 hours of my time.

Yet...I will not give up! It could have been me..or my child! And I would appreciate all the help I could get in that case!