Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Year's resolution

Well here is my New Year's Resolution...

Looking back on last year it started out positive with new ideas and plans coming to fruition. Unfortunately the last three months have been not very constructive and my world was shocked by several events that I did not see coming. (LOL : and I am supposed to be psychic!)

My main focus for next year will be on development, creativity, challenges, innovations and all other things that are constructive and inspiring.

I will be attending classes in Security, Investigations, Occupational Health and Safety, Law and Forensics in January and February 2009. Next to those classes I will look into Neuroscience and Quantum Physics not on a professional level but merely as a general interest.

I hope to be able to add at least 4 official certificates to my list within the first three months of next year and two licenses.

Next to those developments I will be enhancing my creative skills in dimensional design, sketching, photography and writing.

At the end of January or the beginning of February I will start working for my new employer. Which is another new challenge in the New Year.

I will shift my focus from the many negative aspects I have encountered in the last three months to the positive ones that will come on my path very soon.

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