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A Real Life Case - Arsonist Groningen

Real Life Case

I rarely discuss any of my Psi or RV related ‘work’ especially when it comes to criminal cases. In order to let the Police and the Justice departments do their work, I will keep the information confidential. Yet there are many people who would actually like to know what it is I ‘got’ in the way of information as an example of this tool, which is understandable. But it would not be professional if I would risk a Police operation by leaking any information to the press that may or may not be correct!

As a psychic or a Remote Viewer, you do not give anything more than an indication of where to look for evidence. It is not up to the Remote Viewer or the Psychic to produce evidence! Producing evidence is up to the Police or Private Detectives.

In order to share the following story with you I have asked the Police Department involved if they had any objections in me publishing my story. They did not see any problems in the publication of my story, which will finally allow me to show the public what Psi or Remote Viewing can do!

Since August 2007 there was an arsonist at work in the small village of ‘t Zandt in Groningen – the Netherlands. For months the police were trying to catch this arsonist who was setting peoples, barns, sheds and abandoned houses on fire. In the village with no more than 900 inhabitants people started to get really frightened.

In November 2007 the Police requested the assistance of several specialized teams, military forces with night vision equipment and they called upon the public for any tips that could lead to the arrest of this arsonist. Insurance companies as well as the department for justice had set a reward for the ‘golden tip’ that could lead to the arrest of the person responsible. A close friend suggested I ‘look into’ this case and assisted the Police since they requested the help of the public.

At that time I lived in the Netherlands and I was in contact with a Remote Viewer in Australia who is now my husband. I decided to task him with the description of the nearest significant feature to the perpetrators residence. The police knew that this person had to live in the area or know and frequent it regularly.
I myself was very much ‘frontloaded’, since I knew I was looking for an arsonist in that area. This can be tricky since all information you do have, from the media or hear say, may play with your imagination instead of your original Psi signal. Fortunately I had never been to that part of the country before and that was helpful!

I told my friend I actually believed to have some contact with this target and we drove to the village of ‘t Zandt in Groningen. I realized how ‘ridiculous’ it must sound to the average down-to-earth detective and did not quite know how to start and explain how I obtained this information.

My friend and I were standing outside the improvised emergency police station that was set up in the community hall, when we noticed two men leave. I told my friend:” I need to speak to THEM!” But I did not take any action not being sure and I followed the procedure. We called in the station and I told the officers there I may have some information that could help them with the case. The officer offered us some coffee and said he needed to call his colleagues. He went outside with his mobile. The other police officer asked where he went, and I said he is going to call back the two detectives that just left. My details were taken by a kind female officer who was a bit shocked when I told her that I got this information from Psi and Remote Viewing. At that moment the detectives returned and then all the lights in the police station went out and only the officer with the laptop computer was still able to work, but so perplexed that it ‘spooked’ her. The detectives escorted us to the police station in Delfzijl and on our way to the station I took pictures of the ‘significant feature’ that was sketched by the Remote Viewer on the side of a road called Molenweg. It was later confirmed that the perpetrator did indeed live at the Molenweg.

I told the detective I had a possible name or initials of the suspect and a complete profile including a composition sketch of the possible perpetrator. I had a general job description and a possible indication of a significant feature near the house of the arsonist sketched by a Remote Viewer.

I also had perceived a logo of a Neptune fork that I could not place. I told the detective I tried to look for the logo on Google but with no luck. The detective enlightened me and said:”You passed that logo on your way to the police station. It indicates a specific tourist route in this region.”
I wanted to hand the detective my one sheet report, but he wanted to hear my story first. I told him about Remote Viewing and my usually spontaneous Psi events that have assisted police before.

I said I perceived the name Johann Sebastian Bach and I said I believed the arsonists name was Johan or like Johann and that the last name started with a B. The detective’s eyes lit up when I mentioned that, but he did not confirm or deny anything at that stage. I said that I believed the arsonist was likely to be between 20 and 35 years of age and he probably lives in a small dark messy room with magazines all over the place. From that room you can actually hear a train going by. This person also seemed to like music. I told him I perceived there was a white or light colored vannette involved, but I was not sure whether he was actually driving it. It felt like it had to do with delivery of some goods that appeared to me like white packaging with powered dry material that appeared to be like fibres of some kind. The Remote Viewer picked up on a bicycle next to the house. The arsonist turned out to be a newspaper delivery boy.
I gave the detective my improvised composite sketch and the descriptions.

Here was my session data:

Wednesday 21 November 2007

Target: Fire, locations, description arsonist, ’t Zandt Groningen Netherlands
Name starts with J.
Male age 20 – 35
Works near water..harbour industrial environment.
Movement energy.
Fire-water-burn music? Johan Sebastian Bach
Link to big fire in harbor...trigger? Eemshaven
Works there? Worked there? Frustration? Loosing job?

Room dark...Sounds like train/railroad nearby
A mess...magazines

Friday 23 November 2007

Target: Fire, locations, description arcenist, ‘t Zandt Groningen Netherlands

A religion...linked to church.
Transport light color vannette? Germany? German language
Face of a young man...(composite sketch could be different style) music again...
Sign ‘Neptune fork” symbol / logo
White plastic...package...contains dry.. dusty.. material..cotton..fibers?

My friend asked if I could try a Geoscan and he explained to the detective that I had been able to precognitive locate events on a map before. But at that stage I said that would be as good as guessing, because I did not actually feel I could do that at that stage and that I might give it a try later.

I later tried the Geoscan and sent some possible coordinates to the police but I wasn’t too confident about them and I also tried to locate the things I perceived in the earlier sessions by using Google and I sent my findings to the detective. Unfortunately those findings were actually off track, since they were not directly perceived by Psi, but an interpretation of the things perceived by me.

The arsonist was arrested and his name was indeed Johnny B.
A newspaper delivery boy from the village 't Zandt who lived with his parents at the Molenweg in the village.
At the time I provided the information the police already had him under surveillance as a possible suspect. The detective could not confirm or deny towards me at that time if the information I had given was correct.

Source: Screen shot from television interview

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