Monday, June 29, 2009

We won't listen to psychics: Rayney sister :

It never ceases to amaze me how ungrateful and unthoughtful people can respond to the help of the public. After reading this article in the Western Australian I get even more depressed.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009 | 02:08 PM
We won't listen to psychics: Rayney sister
30th June 2009, 7:15 WST

The sister of murdered woman Corryn Rayney has criticised a psychic who claims to have information on her death, saying she was trying to profit from the family’s grief.

>>>That is quite an accusation! You might aswell accuse the journalists writing about it in the news, they get paid for it, and the police they get paid by the tax-payers! Oh...and do not forget the television crews and radio stations who let the public know that the police need information and ask the public for their assistance! <<<

Sharon Coutinho said yesterday her family had not been contacted by psychic Debbie Malone and had no interest in speaking to her about her alleged insight into the murder of Mrs Rayney.

>>>Of course she has not been contacted, Debbie specifically states in her book that she does not contact the family members, she is merely trying to assist as any good citizen would /should do!<<<

Malone has claimed to have been in contact with Mrs Rayney since her death and that she had assisted police investigating the case. WA Police have not denied her claims.

>>>Police will not confirm or deny anything and from their point of is the wise thing to do.<<<

Mrs Coutinho said her family had been contacted by several psychics since Mrs Rayney’s death but had declined their offers of help.

>>>And ofcourse that is their good right!<<<

She said she had read the extract from Malone’s new book which addressed the Rayney case but it had offered no new information.

>>>Ofcourse it offers no new information! As Debbie said...the police are still investigating and therefore she will not put any new information in her book. Again a wise thing to do as any new information has to be investigated first before it can be made public!<<<

Mrs Coutinho was upset that Malone had used her sister’s murder as a means of publicising her book.

>>>Although I am sorry for the families loss. I do not share that opinion! In fact I find it repelling that a person can say such a thing while all other media (that is sold too) has been asking the publics help in solving this case!

“Everything she has said has been public knowledge for the last two years,” Mrs Coutinho said.

>>>No responsible, clear thinking person would publish new details without letting the police do their job first!<<<

“We are not bothering with psychics. Unless someone comes up with something that hasn’t been made public, it’s really not worth listening to.”

>>>The 'good' psychics do not approach families of victims they approach the police (if they have enough courage to tell the police what they know!)The family should indeed not be bothered with it is a police job to determine fact from fiction.<<<

The father of Claremont serial killer victim Sarah Spiers also warned victims’ families not to listen to psychics, saying yesterday they fed off misery and drove him to a mental breakdown in 1996.

>>>It is truly sad to hear that!I know of a couple in the US who asked for the public's help in search of their missing daughter and they are very appreciative of every help they can get. Their daughter has not been found in five years and yet they are grateful for all the public support from the police, volunteers who go on searches, the psychics who work together with private investigators and the volunteers who do anything to get the publics attention to look out for her and provide information.They understand that ANY PUBLICITY could trigger SOMEONE to remember SOMETHING that might lead to their daughter!<<<

Don Spiers said up to 400 psychics and clairvoyants had contacted him since Sarah disappeared on January 27, 1996. They had offered false information but he had been so desperate to find his daughter that he had listened to them and often had followed their instructions.
The false hope they created had led him to have a breakdown late in 1996, when he had found himself sitting in an armchair at his home ripping chunks of hair from his scalp.

>>>I can only imagine his pain, but I do not think he can imagine the pain and frustration of those who seriously try to help and feel just as helpless. That includes all people who never showed their faces and never asked for anything....As for false hope; the police have not come up with anything either and they have tried their best too! I can understand that he'd need a scape-goat to direct all his anger and frustration at after all these years and that can't be the police, it can't be the person who was actually responsible for his daughter going it is directed at the persons who promised something they could not deliver...who have now become psychics in general. <<<

Mr Spiers said psychics like Malone had never proved to be effective and just deepened the anguish experienced by the families of victims.

>>>From my humble experience I know that is not true! As I am one of those 'Psychics like Malone' who have been effective in some cases! It doesn't mean I know everything...but I have occasionaly been able to provide useful leads! (OK and NOW accuse me that I am promoting myself!Only because I tell my story! Oh...sure I am now making a 'profit' of other people's misfortune, because their misfortune has become part of my nightmares and the victims pain has become part of my daily life...but hey...I just have to 'live with that'!)<<<

“They are like a cancer doctor who tells a cancer victim they can cure them, when they know they really can’t, just to get the victim’s money,” he said.

>>>As far as I know Debbie Malone has NEVER asked for money in Police cases!So comparing her and others to all those 'fake seers' who did; is absolutely unfair, inconsiderate and damaging! And I believe a public apology is in order here!! <<<

Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan said yesterday police had a policy of not seeking the help of psychics in their investigations.
“But that’s not to say that we don’t listen to people who phone up with information,” he said.

>>>Most police forces around the world have that policy. It is to provide a guard against the 'fruitcakes and fake seers' who are definately out there! Police look at facts...that is their job! And the psychic is nothing but a possible witness of a crime!It is as good as 'hear-say' but it can provide leads to facts that otherwise would not have been investigated!<<<

He refused to comment on Malone’s claims.
Malone was not available for comment yesterday.

>>>I can imagine why! It is very painful and demoralizing to hear that family of the deceased are not the least grateful that a member of the public is trying to help. Or that the case has been brought to the publics attention again, so what happened will not be forgotten and that there might be a chance on justice!<<<

Mrs Rayney disappeared on August 7 after leaving a bootscooting class in Bentley at 9pm. Her body was found nine days later after police followed a trail of mechanical fluid from her abandoned car in Subiaco to a bush grave in Kings Park.

>>>And again...anyone who knows something...should contact the Police!The Police are trained to 'filter' any crap that has been derived from reading news reports from possibly good information that needs to be investigated! <<<


>>>Thank you! Ronan O' are doing a great job! Thank you for letting the public know ....and I do not mind you getting paid for the job you do! It is MUCH APPRECIATED!

I know from experience that it takes a lot of courage from Psychics/Mediums/Clairvoyants to step up to the police and say: "I may have some information on a case you are working on.!"

I praise Debbie for her courage to tell her story...that is not just about Corrynn Rayney, but about Debbie's life story and all other cases in which she provided information!

Being a Psychic Medium is not do not really have a choice. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't. If you decide NOT to tell will feel guilty for the rest of your life...

and if you DO decide to tell the police and let the public know that this is a possible way of gathering information on crimes in general you are being painted as 'trying to profit from the family’s grief'. While merely letting the public know part of your life. So a Psychic Medium is not supposed to tell the public of her perceived information on someone else.

But catagorically being publically accused of making a profit from other peoples misfortune because you are a psychic/medium is pure discrimination.

Also by making a public statement like that as a family member, you can now expect no more help from people who seriously have received any futher 'psychic' information. Like Debbie said: It might prove to be a complicated case...

My personal impression in general? Some people simply fear psychics as they might help reveal an inconvenient truth, therefore it would be an excellent plan to ridicule them in public so no one will listen to them.

(I'm lucky...the very few friends I have...have nothing to hide! Hehehe!)

Those who are really interested in solving crimes, will definately listen to any possible useful lead and INVESTIGATE. They will not dismiss any information before hand on the way it has been perceived as any detective will know that no witness statement is a 100% correct; as it is always based on the person's perception.


Andy said...

Given that Malone has added nothing whatsoever to either the Rayney or Claremont case, what do the families have to be grateful for - wishful thinking?

Did it miss your attention that these families are suffering the worst imaginable grief and have no need for people, well-intentioned or not, butting in for no useful purpose.

I'm sure they hope no more self-professed psychic will call them but I suspect they'll be disappointed.

Malone might not ask the police for money but she did take part in a two-sellout-shows extravaganza last year which cost $135 a head to attend. The show profited directly from the deaths of three women in Claremont and added nothing to the case.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Psyforce1 said...

Given that Malone has added nothing whatsoever to either the Rayney or Claremont case, what do the families have to be grateful for - wishful thinking? Who said she did not add anything to the case? Are you the investigating police officer?

Did it miss your attention that these families are suffering the worst imaginable grief and have no need for people, well-intentioned or not, butting in for no useful purpose. I can assure you...I feel for the families. Yet getting those cases to the public's attention is helpful!

I'm sure they hope no more self-professed psychic will call them but I suspect they'll be disappointed. There will always be people doing those things unfortunately! But as far as I know Debbie never approached the family.

Malone might not ask the police for money but she did take part in a two-sellout-shows extravaganza last year which cost $135 a head to attend. The show profited directly from the deaths of three women in Claremont and added nothing to the case. You have worded it correct...THE SHOW...the organizers of the show...have made money. That had originally started on the radio!The same media the police need to get it to the publics attention.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. It can be...but it doesn't mean it HAS to be.

It is all a matter of perception. You perceive it to be painful and not constructive, but really that is a single sided story!

Andy said...

Thanks for responding, it's appreciated.

My perception is that Malone added nothing to either of the Perth murder cases - and that not one of the cases in the Sensing Murder series in which she participated has yet been solved or even progressed as a result of anything on the show.

If you have a different perception, I'd be interested to try and understand it and see what I'm missing.munir

Psyforce1 said...

It is your perception that Debbie Malone has added nothing to the case(s)...that is fine! It is another thing to say that she didn't add anything to the case(s)! As we can not be sure of that, since all cases are still under investigation!

Although, personally, I do not like the 'show' element, I do believe that it is a way to create more public awareness of these cases.

It may or may not trigger someone to remember something! As for the media...we can't live with them and we can't live without them!

Lots of people can be accused of making a profit of other peoples misery...journalists, private investigators, police detectives, gossip magazines, lawyers, councellors, social workers...fact is...they are all doing their job because there is a demand for it.

Fact is...we might accuse the entire society of contributing to that...because we all want to know what happened in Claremont...We all want to know if this person is still out there. We all have the same question...are our daughters, girl friends and sisters safe?

We all buy the news, and we all read it! It is also the reason why we are having this discussion NOW!

And I am thankful that we are having this discussion!

Andy said...

I don't think I can disagree with much, if anything you said in your reply.

Lots of people earn their living from other people's misfortune. The question is whether they earn it in a useful and/or honest fashion.

That's not to say Malone isn't honest, she might well believe she's psychic, even if the evidence seems lacking to me.

Journalists do not claim to be doing anything other than reporting information they receive. Counsellors and social workers try to help people but they remain within the realms of reality to do so. Indeed, the best counselling is soundly based in the application of logic, not fantasy (and by fantasy, I mean things for which there is no solid evidence).

There is also no doubt that public interest drives a lot of people do do things for money - but that doesn't always make those things right. I could very easily dupe a lot of people in the small town where I live and they would thank me for it. I know the possibility exists and the financial reward would be significant - but I won't go down that path. Again, this doesn't mean Malone is a fraud.

And thanks again for the discussion.