Saturday, July 11, 2009

Law Enforcement and Psychics

It is about time the truth has been told! Only to set the record straight...

Police and other reputable Law Enforcement Agencies do use Psychics in their attempt to solve to most difficult cases. At times the psychics do provide very usefull information, which in turn allows the detectives to find evidence.

And we have to be very realistic here...detectives will usually only ask for assistance from other experts or psychics if:

1. their investigation runs dry
2. they believe the expert or psychic may have information can lead to a break through.

We now expect the Psychic to solve the case...but that is not realistic! The psychic may contribute as a witness (whoms' value in a court of law is even less than a hear-say witness)but the information given can provide new leads to investigate!

Why don't we hear about it in the news?
Simply because all Police Agencies have a 'formal policy' that they do not employ psychics, yet the do listen to any information that might be relevant to a case, provided by anyone...even anonimous. Why? Because any good detective or investigator knows that you cannot exclude any possible valuable information!

Get Real!
Psychics are human beings, in fact every person is a bit psychic...some more than others...but hey! If an entire team of trained detectives are unable to find any leads...what are the chances an ordinary person can? And times...they do!

Now combine, detectives, trackers and psychics...and you have?
A great team! Which helps Law Enforcement.

Is that real?
Oh yes it is! A group of psychics and detectives together with tracker dog trainers volunteer to find missing persons and provide leads in homocide cases.

No this is not in Western Australia...This group is based in the US!

So do not let anyone tell you that law enforcement do not use psychic information!

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