Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Terrorism, National Security & Psychic Investigations

I was reading an article by Victor Zammit [A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife] and he states:

What's to be done?

Law enforcement agencies ought to obtain the services of highly gifted psychics - not the run of the mill commercial ones, but those who can pass empirical tests for repeatable accuracy. There may be at least four or five in each country who ought to be regarded as absolute 'pure gold.' These would be hard to find as the truly gifted ones keep a very low, non-commercial, very private profile.

And this is exactly what is happening...all reputable Law Enforcement Agencies are looking into alternative ways of stopping terrorism.

Terrorism is likely to be with us for a long time. While there are human beings willing to blow themselves up in shopping centers, while terrorists plan mass killings and to blow sky high modern tourist hotels, pilot jumbo jets into sky-scapers, it becomes critically urgent to find ways to effectively combat terrorism - whether it be in the Middle East, in ASIA, in the U.S, UK, Europe or in Ireland. Innovative methods, especially in uncharted areas such as afterlife participation in terrorism have to be pursued. The consequences of restricted or incompetent crime detection are enormous. Access to gifted psychics and remote viewers to pursue terrorists is and will be critical.

Mmmm...not officially ofcourse but gifted psychics and trained remote viewers were in the past (and are still) evaluated, selected and used as an intellicence tool in counter terrorism stategies.

Read Victor Zammit's entire article here:

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