Monday, July 20, 2009

Police Detectives Trained as Remote Viewers

In previous blog pages I mentioned a video footage of Remote Viewer and trainer David Morehouse actually helping the Police and giving training to a group of police detectives.

Now I could not exactly recall the name of the particular TV show. It is called 'Strange but True' and it is actually Season 4 - Episode 3.

Full Recap
Part One: David Morehouse was a Major in the US army in 1988, but whilst on a training mission in the Jordanian Desert, he was hit by a stray bullet. Whilst he was there an angel came to him, saying he should try for a more peaceful job. From there he went to the army psychiatrist, saying he was suffering from vivid halluciantions. Instead of being invalided out of the army, however, he was placed in a top secret army camp and given notes on a previous venture called 'Project Grill Flame', he was trained up to become a remote viewer. There he was used to see if a captured solider, Gary Higgins, was still alive by psychically linking himself to his cell.

Part Two: With the Gulf War in 1990, the remote viewers were used to try and psychically effect Saddam Hussein by a process known as 'Remote Influencing'. Because he did not agree with such uses, he revealed all about the processes to the media and left the Army.

He was subsequently asked by the Cartaret police, Cartaret being a small suburb in New Jersey, to look for a missing person by remote viewing. He was successful in this and it led to him training up the police force in remote viewing techniques.

David Morehouse has also written 'REMOTE VIEWING: The complete user's manual for controlled remote viewing'

This is the best and most comprehensive book I have read about Remote Viewing so far! It explains the process and the structure of RV and the findings of the reseach so far.

It also explains why it would be very unlikely that the US military (and other Military Units in general) have given up using (and further developing) this valuable tool.

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