Sunday, November 16, 2008

Psychic Development in Western Australia

I have done some research over the last couple of months on Psychic Development in Western Australia. There are over a 100 psychic's / mediums listed, advertising and/or practicing in Western Australia. There are likely to be more who do not advertize. Over 25% of the population of 2.1 milion inhabitants have consulted a psychic or medium. Many of the psychics/ mediums are connected to spiritualist churches.

The number of people who discover their abilities is growing.

Yet there is no formal education to be found on the subject of parapsychology in any of the Universities in WA. No research has been done in this field. The closest I could find was 'cognitive science', yet that did not include extra sensory perception!

How can it be that this field is so largely ignored? While it is integrated throughout the society in the countless spritual churches, spiritual counselers, psychics and mediums.

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