Sunday, November 16, 2008

Psi Practice

In order to test and practice my Psi abilities I use the website where after registering you can log-in to the Dojo. This amazing piece of programming work (by PJ)allows Remote Viewers and Psychics to 'play' with their skills.

The software appoints a code to a picture target. All the Remote Viewer gets to see is the alpha numeric code. The viewer is totally blind to the target. It could be a picture of anything!

After finishing the session, you can view the feedback. There is no way you can add anything after viewing the feedback! You can decide to make your sessions public or keep them private.

Here is an example of the feedback on a recent session.

Nixon Elvis

This is just a quick 5 minute Psi impression. A Remote Viewing session will take longer and involves sketching and the full descriptions of colors, textures, tastes, smells, temperatures, dimensions, aestethic impact, emotional impact and at times even the phonetics of names of places and people present in the picture.

If you are on signal line and you can achieve this result in five minutes...what would a person be able to reach in 45 minutes to an hour?

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