Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Missing Persons

The last couple of weeks I have been very down and depressed. I had been reading some news articles about Psychics looking for missing persons and bothering the families with ‘false hope’.
I really thought: “ I give up!”

Together with my partner, I have spent every bit of free time I have on looking into missing person cases. Going out there on our own expenses, to verify what I/we have perceived is correct and if we can find more clues. We spend hours driving around in areas that we have never seen before, hoping to pick up on a trace. We have been walking miles along roads and desolate places, looking for clues. We never ask for anything...and we never bother anyone until we actually have found some evidence.

But what do I read on-line and in the papers? Psychics are only out there to make a buck on other people’s misery and misfortune! And if they are not... they will do it for their own fame and fortune!

Guess who wrote the criticism... The editor/proprietor of the Post Newspaper group...It really struck me with the feeling: “Look who’s talking!” Making money over other peoples misery and misfortune...”How do you think the Post Newspaper Group got so big?”

Claiming that every Psychic is a fake because they have not found Sarah Spiers? Well, guess what...I’m Psychic and I haven’t got a clue where she is...neither have the police. Should we now, as good sceptics, conclude the Police do not have any real Detectives? Get serious!

It really hit me right in the heart! But hey...everyone is entitled to an opinion...even if it’s a biased one. It just really made me feel absolutely miserable.

Fortunately there are many other people, family and friends who are really appreciative of all the help they get from complete strangers who start helping by looking out for their loved ones in any way they can.

I will not be wasting my time, effort and money on finding people whom families obviously do not appreciate any help at all.

In all the cases I have worked on...some successful and some not...people thanked me for the effort and the help. Whether it were police detectives, investigators, the persons family or other people involved they always were very appreciative and surprised that there are people in this world who really only want to help other people.

I recently got an email from a US based investigator / Remote Viewer who thanked me about four times in one email for my work, effort and input in the case he is working on. He also stated that it helps and comforts the family to know that people from all around the world try to help and find their loved one! Also that he and his team are now even more inspired to get this case solved for the family. That means a lot to me!

Today I went on a search for a missing child, because I have an idea of where she might be. I drove approx. 200km and I accidentally wrecked my partner’s car mirror. Fortunately no one got hurt and the other car was not damaged. But my effort to find this girl today has cost me more than 200km of fuel and 4 hours of my time.

Yet...I will not give up! It could have been me..or my child! And I would appreciate all the help I could get in that case!

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Psyforce. I`m trying too. Phibes.