Saturday, December 6, 2008

Colorful Session

colorful balloons

Here is a pretty colorful Psi Session I have done on the TKR website.

For those who have no idea how that a quick explanation:

You press a button GO VIEW and a random task will be selected.
All the viewer gets to see is an Alpha-Numeric code as a task number.
When start to type up your impressions about the target photograph that is connected with this number.
When you are finished you can click for feedback.

All the data you have given is registered in a database, you cannot change it after seeing the feedback!

This is a Double Blind protocol! Meaning nobody around me knows what the target photograph is and I do not know either. I can only see it when I have indicated I have finished and nothing to add to the data.

This excludes any cheating by the viewers.

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