Saturday, December 6, 2008

Being Realistic

Not everybody appreciates me being realistic about Psi and Remote Viewing skills!

Some claim that they can pinpoint a person’s location within a radius of a hundred meters and they actually genuinely believe they can.

Well I would like to see the evidence of that session! If you ask the person who makes the claim where the evidence of this remarkable achievement is getting awfully quiet.

If you ask HOW they achieved this supposed pinpointing of a location, it will be made clear that the technique used is propriety and that it will not be taught to anyone but a select group of people!

Although it is a good marketing technique, it is a shame people need to sell their product that way!

Since No Results or sessions have ever been displayed by these people...Not even just the good ones! I do not hold much credence in the claims of these people.

Personally I have only been able to precognitive locate events on a map three times successfully. This had nothing to do with locating objects or persons though. But I know it is possible to pretty accurately locate events on a map or even spontaneously perceive precognitive information through a map.

But making unsubstantiated claims of being able to locate an object or person within a radius of a hundred meters seems harmful to the reputation of the person and Remote Viewing / Psi in general.

How can people make those claims, without giving at least one successful example? It beats me!

I prefer the more realistic approach!

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