Thursday, December 4, 2008

Locating things with Psi or Remote Viewing

Many people believe that Psi or Remote Viewing is THE TOOL when it comes to locating things or other people. I am sorry to disillusion you but Psi and/or Remote Viewing are not a standalone tool to actually locate people and objects.

A Psi or RV session on itself means nothing at all! You need to be willing to do some ‘leg-work’ and/or have other experts in the field who help you find the location.

For example: You have been asked to locate a missing person.
  • First you have to establish if this person is alive or not. If the person is alive they may be hard to track since the person is likely to move around. Their current location could be a supermarket, their home, in a car. Now all these different impressions at different times give a pretty good indication that the person is alive. If the same image of a location or very similar environment keep appearing in the data, it is likely the person is deceased. It is never a foregone conclusion, since there is no proof. It is an indication!
  • Let’s say that the sessions indicate that the person is deceased or not moving. And in your session you get the impression of a forest area, winding roads a certain rock formation in what appears to you like a national park, with a dirt path and this person is behind the rock formation.
  • Now try and determine on a map where there is an area with these features. Even if you would be absolutely spot on correct about the entire location, trying to determine the exact location is a completely different story. There may be hundreds of rock formations, dozens of dirt paths and national parks or forests are everywhere.
  • But if you have good sketches and lots of details it may be very useful for search teams or trackers who know the area where the person disappeared. If they recognize the particular rock formation near a dirt path it would be worth while taking a look there.
  • For someone who knows that particular area as his own back pocket, it could be a recognizable feature. While to me, personally, I would not know where to start. It could be anywhere! And the information appears to be useless.
  • You do not know for sure if the info is 100% correct and what is recognizable to one person may mean nothing to another.

Now let’s say in the case of my ex-husband who did not come home in time from work one evening and did not call. If I feared he wasn’t ok, I would have started searching for him between his workplace and home and since my vision presented a Shell logo, I would have checked all Shell petrol stations on his way from work to home. Since there were only 2 Shell petrol stations (one specifically on the route), I would have been able to find him within 20 minutes!

The only way I could have found him within 20 minutes, is because I know the area and I have additional information (the fact that he left from work and the locations of the Shell Stations).
You can only determine the information was actually correct if the case is solved. (Like my ex-husband who confirmed he went to get some fuel at the shell Station.)The solved cases contribute to the estimation of your own accuracy. It is not even important who actually solved the case or how it was solved. It is important to learn that the data you perceived was correct or not! That gives you (and others) a pretty good indication of the chances of the unknown quantity to be correct or not.

An indication could be a lead to evidence and proof. Without any indication, we would not know where to start in most cases.

Fact remains: “You don’t know the full story....’til you know the full story!”
“You can’t jump to conclusions.” And “What appears to be worthless and unrecognizable to you may be valuable information to others.”

Joe McMonEagle has pointed out in one of his books that it is very important to keep a log or journal of all you Psi related events and experiences. It is a valuable tip! And although it is hard to keep track of all those thing next to your daily business, it is the most important thing.
There is only one thing that serves you better than memory and that is your journal!

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