Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Questions and Answers about my Psi abilities

  • Can you always use your Psi abilities on command?
    Well the simple answer is NO! It all depends on my state of mind (alpha state or not). It depends on my thinking...I should not really be pre-occupied with any distracting thoughts, worries or fears of my own. It will not work on a day I have a dentist appointment, since at that time I am too pre-occupied with my own stress, nerves and fears. And it will not work on days when I have to concentrate on complicated jobs that require my full attention. And there needs to be some kind of link in the form of a strong thought that is then released.
  • Do you look in on anyone?
    No, sorry, I have never been a person for ‘soap-operas’. I only use it if I feel someone could be in trouble or is in need of help and all other means of contact fail.
  • Do you unintentionally pick up on people?
    Yes, I do at times. Especially when emotions are high I seem to be sensitive to that.
  • Do you tell others what you perceive about other people?
    I will give examples, but I will not use any names unless I have permission to do so. Since I would not like others to talk about me either and everyone has a right to privacy I do not give any names or specifics.

    The only exception to my rule is if I have a serious reason to believe someone has committed a crime, but even then I would like to be able to give some supporting evidence to the police before starting to accuse someone on the bases of a vision or a dream.

    Like any other good citizen I would report it to the police if I think it is important. But like I said, I would only report to the police and I will not tell other people names or detailed facts, since that could jeopardize or obstruct the Police investigation.
  • Do you give psychic readings for other people?
    No, I do not generally give readings for other people. I do not want to be pressured or having to live up to any of the other people’s expectations. Paid or non paid readings always have people expecting something from you at that time and place.
    For me that is not realistic and not how it works. I do not want to feel obligated to give them at least something...since they expect it or have paid for it.

    Like I said the stress of feeling obligated to ‘deliver’ is a No Go for me! On the rare occasion that I do give a reading I ask the people only not to have any expectations and to accept that I am a human being and not some kind of magic box or a TV that can switch on or off.
  • Do you do a lot of the Military Remote Viewing style?
    Actually no... I have learned structure and practiced the protocols. I see them as a very valuable tool for research and development of Psi-abilities in a laboratory environment.

    They are also very useful when working with a team and comparing the teams data, since they all use the same structure and protocol. But to me personally the structure is very limiting. The speed in which the information is processed in my mind does not allow me to take the time and write down everything in a certain order and structure. I do not want to think about... the category tangibles or intangibles, is this AI or EI. It takes too long and throws me off the target. I think I am better off using a MP3 or tape recorder to describe what I perceive.
  • Is there anything you don’t like about the Military Style Remote Viewing?
    Well, the fact that you are not allowed to describe with any other words than the general descriptor list and everything else has to be declared AOL (Analytical Overlay), still bugs me.

    The general descriptions can apply to so many things that if you name enough general colours, textures, smells and temperatures. You are bound to get some right. Something brown, flat, horizontal, smooth, wooden; could be the table I am working on right now or the jetty in the harbour or the floor at my friend’s place, perhaps the cutting board of the chef who works in the kitchen of a nearby restaurant or the desk in the lawyer’s office. The general descriptors are there to prevent you from jumping to conclusions, but they also limit you from giving more precise details.

    For people who have already developed their natural Psychic talents and want to use it in a practical sense, the Remote Viewing protocols take up too much time and limit your free expression of perceived data.

    For people who want to test and develop their own innate Psychic abilities...learn the Remote Viewing structure and protocols! It will not only prove you can do it, you will also let you discover your own strengths and weaknesses within this field and it will give you a fair indication of how good you actually are at using your Psi abilities.

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