Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Quantum Non-Local Awareness

About 20 years ago...I was 15 at the time I experienced what Remote Viewers call Bi-Location and what Quantum Physicists call Quantum Non-Locality.
It all started out in the kitchen of my parents place. I was not doing anything interesting, just putting the dishes in the dishwasher when I suddenly got this image in my head of a school teacher of mine standing at the side of a desolate road near a ditch and he was kicking his car! It felt like I was watching him from above and I could see fields, a farm and a mill in the distance.
The image felt and seemed so real, it was like I was there, while I knew I was doing the dishes at home! I dismissed it as daydreaming, but my curiosity tempted me to ask him the next time we would meet.

The next day at school I asked what was wrong with his car the evening before and why he kicked it. He was absolutely stunned! “There was no one could not have seen that!” he cried out. And so I explained to him what happened that evening at the time I was filling the dishwasher.

I was actually at two places at the same time! Functioning on a simple level in one dimension, while observing what was going on simultaneously in another dimension approximately 80km from where I physically was at that time! I could perceive everything except sound.
While describing the scenery to the teacher he became more and more intrigued, as I could not only tell him what he was doing at that time but also where he was and what the environment looked like. And I was surprised that he confirmed all of it, as to be exactly what happened.
I thought it was a one off event, just some kind of strange coincidence. I had absolutely no explanation for what had happened! But it made quite an impression on me and the teacher, who had also studied Psychology and suggested I’d read Jung’s work.

Jung was talking about a collective unconscious. To me it sounded like a weird theory, but it seemed to be the only logical explanation for what had happened.

Years later I had a discussion with a colleague at work about this. On the radio news it was announced that funding was given to ESP research. And she replied:”What a waste of money! There is no such thing!” I carefully replied:”Yes, there is! And it is important that they look into this.” She laughed and said:” You don’t believe in this Hocus-Pocus do you?” Then I confessed that I have actually experienced it firsthand!

She challenged me and I accepted, although I had no idea whether I could do this ‘on command’ or not. I focused on her for the first couple of days of the week and then I actually forgot about it. Yet that Friday evening, I got this vision in my head. She was screaming and yelling at a lady sitting on a sofa. I could not hear what it was about because there was no sound. I could see the entire room! My colleague, left the room and slammed the door behind her, went through a hall way and turned right to go up stairs. There she went into a room with a white door on the right. There I lost the image.

That Monday I told her what had happened that Friday night and I described her mother, the living room in her house, the interior design and the location of her room upstairs. Unfortunately my colleague freaked out! She tried to avoid me and I felt she suddenly feared me. She asked:”What else do you know?” I said:”Nothing! I only know you have had an argument with your mother Friday night! That’s it! I do not even know what it was about and I don’t want to.” “You asked me if I could use ESP and to prove it is real!” “YOU wanted THIS!” I replied. “Now that I gave you your proof, you think I’m a spy or a freak!” We never discussed the subject again. But I learned my lesson.

It occurred to me that some factors are important to trigger this ‘Bi-location’ (for me personally). Although it doesn’t feel like telepathy (I am not perceiving anything through their eyes) it seems I have to establish some kind of link or relationship with the person (who functions as a beacon). The ‘signal or signature’ of this particular person only stands out when there is a true and serious emotional peak, like anger, frustration, fear or panic. And at the time the emotional peak takes place I have to be doing something that does not require a lot of my attention, like driving on a long road, doing the dishes, cleaning or other repetitive simple work. These are activities that, I now know take you more easily into the meditative Alpha State. It also seems important to think about that person for a while and then let it go... (Meaning: Not thinking about the person at all and just doing other things.)

One day my ex-husband was not home from work at the time he should be. He did not call and I could not reach him on his mobile. After an hour or so I got worried and I decided if all technology failed, I might try a different type of contact.

I pictured him in my mind and asked the questions:”Where are you? What are you doing?” Then I went to do the dishes, because I already had dinner by myself. Shortly after that I got a picture of him walking on the side of the road with something in his hand and I saw a bright lit Shell logo that he was walking towards in the dark.

An hour later he arrived home. And before he could apologize, I told him what I had perceived. He was indeed without fuel and he did walk along the road to get some fuel at a Shell Station. He was frustrated at the time. Again I perceived everything from a bird’s eye point of view.

Does it always have to be a personal link or contact? Or can it be contact with a person though other forms of communication?

I had a very good internet contact with a person on the other side of the world. We talked about the possibilities of ESP and what we could do. I told him I could see in distant locations at times and pick up on things that are there around the person. He asked me to tell him what I could pick up on his location. I asked him twice that he would not freak out and he assured me he would not.

I described the area where he was, his house and even the medication he was taking at that time and that it was stored in a medicine cabinet. I could even read part of the prescription on the bottle. This got him really enthusiastic, since he could only confirm I was correct. I even described some old medication that he did not use anymore, but was still in the cabinet. I had never met him in person or been to his country before and we had never talked on the phone at that stage. Later we did have some phone conversations and I went to visit him. Again this was a form of Bi-Location, although not as strong as with heavy emotional peak and a more personal connection.

It clearly shows to me that there is some kind of connection on another level. Perhaps it is the quantum level? It is definitely something we cannot perceive with the naked eye or measure proprely yet. (I believe we soon will be able to measure the effects.) There is definitely some kind of signal in the ‘air’ that I am able to pick up on that activates some kind of chemicals in my brain or body that allow me to perceive things beyond the normal five senses that are at a distant location and on verification turn out to be perceived correct.

Perhaps the ‘carrier wave of Psi’ scientists are looking for is the supposed Quantum wave-particle duality.

This would suggest that any kind of Remote Viewing IS a form of Remote Influencing...Since a Remote Viewer is observing in two places at the same time. If you are able to divide your attention in two places at the same time and observe (Bi-location) you are making the wave function collapse in two different places simultaneously through a form of entanglement on a different level.

On several occasion the indications of something actually happening at the Remote Viewed location has been registered. Ingo Swan perturbed the highly sensitive Magnetometer in a vault under the floor, simply by Remote Viewing it. The Chinese have reported that photon particles instantly appear near the object that is Remote Viewed and random event generators seem to be influenced when someone is Remote Viewing and on target.

Literally meaning: making Psi contact can be measured.

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